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Symbol The Ram
PeriodMarch 21 - April 19
Element Fire
Personality GroupEmotional
Favorable ColorsRed
Chinese EquivalentDragon
Ruling PlanetMars
Cross QualityCardinal
House RuledFirst
Opposite SignLibra
Lucky GemDiamond
StrengthsSelf-confidence, courage, enthusiasm and determination.
WeaknessesSilly arguments, letting decisions be limited by fear and lack of patience.
Charismatic MarksYouthful attitude, athletic physique and needs to be the lead.
LikesPhysical challenges, taking charge, individual sports and comfortable clothes.
DislikesDelays, inactivity and work not utilizing ones talents.
Best EnvironmentCompetition, situations which must have action, courage despite fear, freedom to make one’s own decisions as well as better outdoors and active rather than being close to home.
Symbol The Bull
PeriodApril 20-May 20
Element Earth
Personality GroupEmotional
Favorable ColorsPink
Chinese EquivalentSnake
Ruling PlanetVenus
Cross QualityFixed
House RuledSecond
Opposite SignScorpio
Lucky GemEmerald
StrengthsPractical, musical, patient, dependable.
WeaknessesPossessive, uncompromising, stubborn.
Charismatic MarksTend to gain weight and big, solid bones.
LikesMusic, gardening, cooking, working with hands, high quality clothes and gardening.
DislikesComplications, insecurity, synthetic fabrics and sudden change.
Best EnvironmentBeauty and comfort, secluded residence near nature and good food.
Symbol The Twins
PeriodMay 21 - June 20
Element Air
Personality GroupEmotional
Favorable ColorsGreen
Chinese EquivalentHorse
Ruling PlanetMercury
Cross QualityMutable
House RuledThird
Opposite SignSagittarius
Lucky GemAgate
StrengthsKind, affectionate, able to share ideas, curious.
WeaknessesAnxious, short attention span, inconstant in regard to love, spreads energies across too many places at the same time.
Charismatic MarksBright, talkative with people, suggestive eyes and fast.
LikesMusic, books, magazines, talking to people, short excursions in one’s local area and blogs.
DislikesLoneliness, routine and repetitive things, confinement.
Best EnvironmentBookstores, places where people like to gossip, bustling areas and museums.
Symbol The Crab
PeriodJun 21 - Jul 22
Element Water
Personality GroupEmotional
Favorable ColorsWhite, silver
Chinese EquivalentGoat
Ruling PlanetMoon
Cross QualityCardinal
House RuledFourth
Opposite SignCapricorn
Lucky GemPearl
StrengthsEmotional sensitivity, compassion, intensely protective of loved ones, tenacity.
WeaknessesInsecure, clings to the past, manipulative, hoarder, indirect conflict.
Charismatic MarksTake-charge person, round face, medium build.
LikesHome hobbies, aiding loved ones, resting in or around water, a great meal among friends.
DislikesHaving Mom be criticized, strangers, personal revelations.
Best EnvironmentClose with the family, at home, with best friends, things he/she is accustomed to.
Symbol The Lion
PeriodJul 23 - Aug 22
Element Fire
Personality GroupIntellectual
Favorable ColorsGold, orange
Chinese EquivalentMonkey
Ruling PlanetSun
Cross QualityFixed
House RuledFifth
Opposite SignAquarius
Lucky GemRuby
StrengthsJoy, creative, pride, generous, passionate.
WeaknessesStubborn, arrogant, lazy, lack of flexibility, self-absorbed.
Charismatic MarksStrong and muscular, regal.
LikesBeing admired, theater, having good times with friends, bright colors, holidays, pricey items.
DislikesFacing realities which are difficult, not being the “top dog”, being ignored.
Best EnvironmentAnywhere he/she can shine and display creativeness, in the sun.
Symbol The Virgin
PeriodAug 23 - Sep 22
Element Earth
Personality GroupIntellectual
Favorable ColorsGreen, brown
Chinese EquivalentRooster
Ruling PlanetMercury
Cross QualityMutable
House RuledSixth
Opposite SignPisces
Lucky GemRuby
StrengthsKind, loyal, practical, hard worker, analytical.
WeaknessesToo critical of both him/herself and others, worrier, all work along with no fun, shy.
Charismatic MarksMedium to slight build (in general), certain and reserved persona.
LikesNature, animals, being clean, healthy eating, books.
DislikesRude mannerisms, asking for assistance, being the center of attention.
Best EnvironmentClose to nature and in the company of animals. Since Virgos like power, being a valuable assistant or sidekick.
Symbol The Scales
PeriodSep 23 - Oct 22
Element Air
Personality GroupIntellectual
Favorable ColorsBlue
Chinese EquivalentDog
Ruling PlanetVenus
Cross QualityCardinal
House RuledSeventh
Opposite SignAires
Lucky GemSapphire
StrengthsFair, cooperative, social, gracious, diplomatic.
WeaknessesHolds grudges, indecisive, feels sorry for him/herself, shuns confrontation.
Charismatic MarksMedium build, attractive, graceful, lack of sharp features.
LikesSharing, the outdoors, harmony, gentleness.
DislikesViolence, injustice, conformity, big mouths
Best EnvironmentAny beautiful environment with harmonious company. Libras are very social and are at their happiest when they do things with others.
Symbol The Scorpion
PeriodOct 23 - Nov 21
Element Water
Personality GroupIntellectual
Favorable ColorsDark reds, black
Chinese EquivalentPig
Ruling PlanetPluto, Mars
Cross QualityFixed
House RuledEigth
Opposite SignTaurus
Lucky GemOpal
StrengthsPassionate, a true friend, brave, stubborn, resourceful.
WeaknessesViolent, caustic, jealous, secretive, lacking trust.
Charismatic MarksMuscular, eyes have an intense look.
LikesLongtime friends, truth, facts, being correct, impressive passion, worthy adversaries, teasing.
DislikesExposing secrets, dishonesty, people who are passive.
Best EnvironmentAny circumstance which triggers strong feelings or can give power, environments which are dark and sensuous.
Symbol The Archer
PeriodNov 22 - Dec 21
Element Fire
Personality GroupTheoretical
Favorable ColorsPurple
Chinese EquivalentRat
Ruling PlanetJupiter
Cross QualityMutable
House RuledNinth
Opposite SignGemini
Lucky GemTopaz
StrengthsGenerous, excellent sense of humor, idealistic.
WeaknessesCan show impatience enough to be rude, will say anything no matter if it offends others, promises more than they are capable of delivering.
Charismatic MarksUsually tall with strong legs, choice of clothing is dictated by comfort rather than style, interested and open. Women Sagittarians act like tomboys.
LikesLongtime friends, truth, facts, being correct, impressive passion, worthy adversaries, teasing.
DislikesFreedom, being in the outdoors, travel, philosophy.
Best EnvironmentOn-the-go, outdoors.
Symbol The Goat
PeriodDec 22 - Jan 19
Element Earth
Personality GroupNegative
Favorable ColorsBrown
Chinese EquivalentOx
Ruling PlanetSaturn
Cross QualityCardinal
House RuledTenth
Opposite SignCancer
Lucky GemOnyx
StrengthsDisciplined, good self-control, responsible, does well as a manager, dark sense of humor.
WeaknessesNot forgiving, thinking they know everything, condescending, expects the worst.
Charismatic MarksMedium physique, ability to try to get into shape but is soft about it.
LikesTradition, family, music, playing down status, craftsmanship of quality.
DislikesPretty much anything at some point.
Best EnvironmentUrban settings which have culture and style, positive workplaces, anywhere he/she is in charge.
Symbol The Water Bearer
PeriodJan 20 - Feb 18
Element Air
Personality GroupTheoretical
Favorable ColorsTurquoise
Chinese EquivalentTiger
Ruling PlanetUranus, Saturn
Cross QualityFixed
House RuledEleventh
Opposite SignLeo
Lucky GemTurquoise
StrengthsProgressive, full of originality, humanitarian, likes to avoid dependence.
WeaknessesShies from showing emotion, aloof, unable to compromise, temperamental.
Charismatic MarksThin, nice eyes, great looking, angular face.
LikesHaving good times with friends, fighting for a cause, caring for others, intelligent conversing, good at listening,
DislikesBeing limited, promises not kept, loneliness, settings which lack interest or excitement, people whom they cannot agree with.
Best EnvironmentGatherings where ideas can be exchanged.
Symbol The Fish
PeriodFeb 19 - Mar 20
Element Water
Personality GroupTheoretical
Favorable ColorsSea-Green
Chinese EquivalentRabbit
Ruling PlanetNeptune, Jupiter
Cross QualityMutable
House RuledTwelfth
Opposite SignVirgo
Lucky GemMoon Stone
StrengthsCompassionate, gentle, intuitive, smart, artistic, musical.
WeaknessesPlays the victim, overly trusting, likes to escape from reality, scared.
Charismatic MarksShows emotions readily on his/her face, soft and possibly frail build.
LikesSpirituality, time to themselves, visual media, having a chance to sleep, being romantic, swimming, music.
DislikesPeople who think they know everything, criticism, one’s past coming back to haunt them, any type of cruelty.
Best EnvironmentBeing on or close to water, particularly the ocean, the movies.

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